Technical Support, Service and Consulting

Basic Support

Free for Licensed Users

  •  Coordination with IT Department
  •  Description of Data Input Procedure
  •  Description of Features and Functionality
  •  Description of Valuation Methodologies
  •  Error Message Interpretation
  •  Installation of Software
  •  Introductory Tutorial by Telephone
  •  IT Network Installation of Database
  •  Review of Option Pricing Models
  •  Telephone and Online Support
  •  Volatility Analysis Reports

 Option Tracker Only

  •  EPS Dilutions Report
  •  ESO Admin Reports by Transaction, Employee, Company
  •  ESO Average Exercise Moneyness Calculation
  •  ESO Average Time To Exercise Calculation
  •  ESO Exercise Behavior Report
  •  ESO Exercise Behavior Report
  •  ESO Fair Value Report (FAS 123R)
  •  ESO Forfeiture Report
  •  ESO Quarterly Cost Attribution
  •  ESO Valuation and What-If Scenario Reports
  •  Valuation and Attribution Reports
  •  Mark-To-Market Report (Periodic Revaluation)
  •  Outstanding Options Report
  •  Reference to FAS 123R Paragraphs
  •  Stock Option Activity Report
  •  Restricted Stock Activity Report

Advanced Services

Hourly Rate

  • Review of Client Generated Valuation Reports
  •  Review of Valuation Input Assumptions
  •  Custom Excel VBA Macro Development
  •  Custom Option Tracker Reports: Crystal, Excel, HTML
  •  Custom Option Tracker Program Functionality
  •  Option Tracker Database Conversion and Validity Testing
  •  Volatility Calculation Review
  •  Fair Value Calculation Review
  •  Advanced Online Training
  •  Onsite Training
  •  Option Tracker Password Retrieval
  •  Quantitative Finance CPE Seminar
  •  Reconciliation to Previous Valuation or Reports
  •  Excel Template Design and Modification
  •  Transactions Data Review

Valuation Consulting

Hourly Rate

  •  Alternative Share-Based Payment Award Valuation
  •  Capped Payoff Option Valuation
  •  Custom DLL Development
  •  Option and Restricted Stock Valuation
  •  Custom Valuation Model Development
  •  Derived Service Period Calculation
  •  Exercise Behavior Analysis
  •  Expected Term Analysis
  •  Expected Volatility Analysis
  •  FAS 133 Warrant Valuation
  •  Forfeiture Rate Analysis
  •  Multiple Suboptimal Exercise Behavior Factors Advisory
  •  Net Cost True Up and Reconciliation
  •  Performance-Based Awards Advisory
  •  Price-Performance Target Award Valuation
  •  Research Projects
  •  Stock Option Activity Report (Non Option Tracker Clients)
  •  Restricted Stock Activity Report (Non Option Tracker Clients)
  •  Total Shareholder Return (TSR) Ranking Valuation
  •  Written Documentation for Auditors
  •  Interpretation of FAS 123R
  •  Compensation Design and Planning

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