ASC 718 Solutions

Montgomery Investment Technology, Inc. provides a complete suite of software and consulting solutions for ASC 718 (FAS 123R).


The Option Tracker™ and FAS123 Toolkit software bundle provides a complete solution for ESO administration, valuation and reporting.
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The FAS123 Toolkit is an Excel based application that allows the user to value share-based awards of varying complexity and to perform plan sensitivity analysis.
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Our consulting team can provide valuations for simple, plain vanilla grants and complex Total Shareholder Return (TSR) grants with hundreds of peer or comparability companies.

We can also research and advise on complex ASC 718 accounting requirements.
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Plan Design

MITI can work with compensation committees to help design equity awards that align shareholder interests and employee incentives.

In addition we can provide independent peer reviews and recommendations for existing incentive awards.
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ESO Administration

The Option Tracker™ software is a simple and powerful solution to track, manage and report your stock options, restricted shares and SAR awards. Option Tracker™ provides a wide range of detailed administrative reports for HR managers and simple payroll reports for employees.

ASC 718 Valuation

Arduous input calculations and grant valuations are automatically handled in Option Tracker™ using the integrated volatility, Black-Scholes and Binomial Lattice calculators.

Financial Reporting

Detailed, auditable and transparent financial reports are easily generated with a single click. The reports cover quarterly cost attribution, diluted earnings per share and footnote disclosure tables.

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