Financial Reporting

Create accurate, auditable, ASC 718 (FAS 123R) compliant expense attribution and SEC financial footnote disclosure reports with a single click.

  • Option Valuation report for Fair Value estimation using Black-Scholes and Binomial Lattice
  • Cost Attribution for ESO compensation expense reporting on Quarterly and Annual basis
  • Graded Vesting and Straight Line methods
  • Stock Option Activity report for weighted average calculations and changes in outstanding options
  • Diluted Earnings Per Share calculations using Treasury Stock Method with adjustments for forfeitures
  • Mark-to-Market Report with adjusted share outstanding equivalents based on option “delta”
  • Create data and reports required for SEC filings – annual report, 10K, 10Q and proxy
  • Financial Reports for ASC 718 and SEC regulatory compliance
    • APIC Balance & Income Tax Expense
    • Cost Attribution Report
    • Employee Stock Option Cost Attribution Report
    • Employee Stock Option Net Cost Attribution
    • Mark To Market Report
    • Stock Option Activity report

Learn more about Option Tracker and how it can simplify your ASC 718 (FAS 123) reporting.