FinTools XL

FinTools XL is an extensive library of functions for the financial professional. It integrates seamlessly with Excel as an “Add-In” to deliver advanced analytical functionality in a flexible and user-friendly package.

All of the FinTools XL packages come with professional and detailed templates to jump-start your use of the product and clearly document the available functions and their inputs.

Through an independent audit process, many accounting firms have provided tacit approval and certification of our models and methodologies for pricing options, exotic derivatives and bonds. (See Software Authentication Statement)


OPTIONS XL allows you to value options on stocks, foreign exchange, futures, fixed income securities, indices, commodities and Employee Stock Options (ESOs) using custom functions.Market data from your quote vendor can be automatically passed to the custom functions via Dynamic Data Exchange.

Some of the ways it may be used:

  • Valuing option contracts on various assets including stocks, foreign exchange, futures, fixed income securities, indices and commodities
  • Valuing employee stock options (ESOs) in accordance with ASC 718 (FAS 123R) of the Financial Accounting Standards Board
  • Track portfolio positions in real-time (using DDE link from your quote vendor), including sensitivities such as delta, gamma, theta, vega, rho, psi and lambda
  • Real options for capital budgeting
  • Calculate implied volatility values based on the prices of exchange traded options

OPTIONS XL is ASC 820 and SEC compliant for financial reporting purposes.


UTILITY XL provides custom functions and utilities for calculating historical volatilities, volatility skews, futures,
present value of cash flows, expiration dates, and interest rate conversion.

Advanced statistical tools are now offered for detailed return distribution analysis.


EXOTICS XL allows you to value non-standard option and derivative contracts.

The types of contracts that may be valued using EXOTICS XL are Average Price and Rate
(“Asian”), Barrier (“knockouts and knockins”), Binary, Chooser,
Compound, Currency-Translated, Lookback, Portfolio, Rainbow and Spread options.

Specialty applications and
functions can be created on a custom basis to meet your in-house needs.


BONDS XL allows you to value fixed income securities.

This program provides a complete set of calculations for US and international fixed income traders, portfolio managers and analysts. BONDS XL is Security Industry Association (SIA) compliant.


RISK XL allows you evaluate the risk of financial contracts and investment portfolios.

The program provides financial functions for risk assessment including Value At Risk (VaR) for equity portfolios.

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