FAS123 Toolkit

The FAS123 Toolkit is an easy-to-use software toolkit that provides custom functions, templates and “wizards” for compliance with ASC 718 (FAS 123R) and SEC regulations.

The application is installed as an Excel “Add-In” for seamless and flexible integration into your existing reports. Step-by-step wizards are available to guide you through key calculations.

Professional templates are provided for clear illustration and documentation of the valuation functions as well as for your use in ASC 718 Reporting.

Numerous option-pricing models are available to accurately calculate the Fair Value of your options while offering the capability to perform detailed what-if analysis for planning purposes.

Available models that are acceptable under
ASC 718  Standard include the Black-Scholes, Whaley, Pseudo-American, Binomial C-R-R and Minimum Value.

Historical Volatility calculations, including adjustments
for dividend-paying stocks, are available to assist in the estimation of projected volatility, a key input for pricing options.

FAS 123

Option-Pricing Models
– Black-Scholes
– Binomial
Historic Volatility

FAS 123 & 148

ESO Cost Attribution
Option-Pricing Models
– Flexible Binomial
– Options Lattice Barrier
ESPP Fair Value Calculation

FAS 123(R)

Option-Pricing Models
– Lattice Exercise Behavior
– Flexible Monte Carlo
– Gram Charlier
Alternative ESO Models
– Average Price
– Barrier
– Lookback
– Index

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