FAS123R Solutions Testimonials

“The FASB staff has found that reasonably priced and ‘user-friendly’ software for personal computers is available. For example, the staff has been using “OPTIONS XL Premium”, a Microsoft Excel add-in for option pricing, sensitivity analysis and risk management. We are grateful to Montgomery Investment Technology.”

FASB Status Report, No. 237, November 1992

“I was able to teach myself how to use Option Tracker. I ran the stock split function and found that the Option Tracker data ties with our spreadsheets. Your software is a godsend. It is really cool — you are welcome to use me as a reference. Our auditors have other clients who could use Option Tracker.”

Paul Harbolic, CFO
Alliance Bankshares Corporation

“The product (Option Tracker) is very user friendly, straightforward,
efficient, practical, and comprehensive. In addition, the services have been
very excellent. Assistance can be provided on a spontaneous basis, whenever
needed, if a problem occurs. The service staff are very well prepared and educated
for the current issues concerning this product and the valuations required in
today’s changing accounting world of regulations. Bottom line, MITI met our
needs and requirements in a timely fashion with great support which produced
an end result which satisfied our company needs…need I say more?.”

T.M., Impax Laboratories

“We have just installed package (Option Tracker), and it is turning out
to be an excellent decision. Support is very good as promised”

L.G. from a specialty retailer

“Excellent service and help. MITI seems to keep up with recent changes faster
than we do. I recommend this product (Option Tracker)”

D.S., Accounting Manager
Omega Protein Inc.

“MIT has been very responsive to my questions/comments. At first look, this
new release has fixed everything that I had come across so far that I had thought
needed some help. It seems to address some specific comments that I’ve made to
MIT. I especially appreciate MIT’s responsiveness to questions and the access
to customer support that truly knows the product.”

J.E.N, Controller
Anika Therapeutics, Inc.

“MITI does a very good job of staying current on issues and relaying those
issues and how their software(Option Tracker) has been changed to meet the updated

B.R., SVP- Accounting and Finance
German American Bancorp

“Option Tracker is working perfectly. All grants have been reconciled and
we are no longer using Excel spreadsheets to track options. Over the past year,
our stock price has risen sharply and many employees are exercising options. The
software has been a great time saver; we’re glad to have Option Tracker. In addition,
there have been no issues from our auditors with the numbers turned out by Option
Tracker, another significant timesaver.”

T.W., Finance Manager
Thomas Nelson, Inc.

FinTools® Software and Consulting Testimonials

“Thank you for your on-going support and your efforts to prepare for
the Solutions Press Tour. You and your programming staff have been extremely
helpful and accomodating…On behalf of the Microsoft corporation, we look forward
to working with you again in the future.”

Dianne Calvi
Applications Programmability Business Unit
Microsoft Corporation

“I really appreciate working with your company. Your software is ideal for
custom-designing applications. Nothing else compares to it. Any broker or trader
who wants to design their applications needs this program.”

A.D., Commodities Broker
Morgan Stanley

“… just now finished a statistical study about the features of the
evolution of European power prices where your software did me a fantastic service…
The two months trial period seems to be excellent since a software like yours
can be tested only over a longer period.”

J.T., Risk Manager
Budapest, Hungary

“Thank you for delivering the upgrade. Installation was very simple and
by your actions we had to only hesitate briefly before the software was upgraded.
By delivering the upgrade in a matter of hours, instead of days, you greatly exceeded
our expectations and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your efforts.”

D.F., Deutsche Bank

“Montgomery Investment Technology’s Spreadsheets Add-Ins…give Lotus 1-2-3
and Excel powerful analytic capabilities…”

FX Exchange, August 1991
Philadelphia Stock Exchange Newsletter

“Plugging spot and forward market information and current market volatilities
into the model [@OPTIONS Extended Binomial] lets us see what an over-the-counter
option should cost. …Now we can price a whole series of options in seconds.
…Time can be crucial.”

Bill Love, Former FX Trading Manager
IBM Corporation

“I’m a registered user of your Add-In, “Bonds XL” and am very satisfied.
In a German bank magazine, Betriebswirtschaftliche Blätter der Deutschen
Sparkassenorganisation, I have written an article about financial Add-Ins for
spreadsheets. I hope you will benefit from the article. Thank you for your efforts.”

Karl J. Efferz, Bond Trader

“Thank you so much for the assistance you gave with this project. I have
received the custom Excel add-in for the barrier option contract valuation and
the program works perfectly. Your company has been a pleasure to work and has
exceeded every expectation from customer service to product functionality. I know
that we will be contacting and recommending MITI in the future with any valuation

R.R., A Major Energy Company