About Us

Montgomery Investment Technology, Inc. of Camden, New Jersey, specializes in financial modeling research, software application development, custom programming, derivatives training seminars and valuation consulting. MITI offers a comprehensive library of financial functions in the award winning software package FinTools®. The Excel Add-In version of the library is packaged as FinTools® XL, and offers the flexibility of calculating option, exotic option, bond values, risk sensitivities and price volatilities within your spreadsheet. Option Tracker delivers an integrated solution for ESO administration, valuation and financial reporting.


Montgomery Investment Technology, Inc. was founded in 1988 when we pioneered the first spreadsheet add-in for options analysis. The expanded product line became registered as FinTools® Software in 1994, and today has evolved into a comprehensive library of financial functions and applications designed for end users and developers.

MITI now provides state-of-the-art investment and quantitative analysis tools to banks, market-makers, hedge funds, portfolio managers, corporate treasurers, academics, accountants, compensation managers, risk professionals, software developers, traders and consultants.


The vision of MITI is “Serving as a Bridge between Quantitative Finance and the Practitioner using Technology.”


The mission of MITI is “Providing Financial Tools Leading to Fair and Independent Investment Analysis.” By utilizing advanced technology and valuation techniques, we are able to deliver practical software solutions to investment and financial professionals. The key areas of emphasis are:

SOFTWARE applications
VALUATION consulting
TRAINING seminars

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